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a girl who has style and can get any guy with a wink and has sexy ass lips and boobs;
nice ass too(;
giannina is a hot girl with mhmmmm!(:

#hot #sexy #boobs #ass #lips
by honey buns(: January 29, 2009
For some people, Giannina is a nick name for a girl whose real name may be Giovanna. For people who don't know her that well, she may seem to be quite weird and complicated, but in reality she is a fun loving and outgoing girl. She seems to be quite shy at first, but once she's comfortable around you, she'll let her guards down and show you who she really is.

She is really nice and quirky and very fun to be around, not to mention that she is a very playful flirt. She is beautiful from the inside out and that's what make guys line up for her without her even trying. Giannina is also a great friend who cares and tries to be there for you when you need her, she might not know what to do but she still tries. Overall she is an amazing person and you are quite lucky to know her or have her as a friend (:

Ps. She has a great figure with a nice booty
person #1: Hey have you met Giannina?
Person #2: Wait, is she that really nice girl in Math?
Person #1: Yepp that's her, isn't she so nice?
#janina #gianinna #gianina #gianninaaa #nina
by purple-trees September 16, 2012
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