adj./n/v/adv a Gian is a substitute for any type of derrogatory word. It can be used in place of most adjectives to show dislike of something or that something is annoying. Also Gian is commonly used as a place holder for stupid, idiotic, ridiculous, or other pointless activities.
Stop being such a Gian!
Hey you wanna go to the park later and Gian?
by carltonfox July 20, 2010
Top Definition
Gian is a guy (most likely italian), who is very talented. Usually most talented in the area of music, and is best suited to play the drums, but is also good at alot of other instruments. A gian is very social, and very firendly. He enjoys music alot, and hanging out with friends (usually hangs with an Eric). He is extremely funny and well liked. He is also very good looking (usually has red or black hair, with blue or hazel eyes).
A Gian is usually a very nice person, but don't get on his bad side. If provoked, he can become a total tight-ass, and this may be recieved as being rude, when he's really just proving himself to be the pekker-head we all know he can be. He will sooner or later apologize, but give him space so he can realize what a dick hole he's been.
All in all, Gian is a great person, and not only sickeningly talented, but he's a great friend...And yes ladies, he deffinately worth it.
Wow look at Gian over there...He would SO be worth it (giggles as he glances over)!
by Smithy January 29, 2005
a sexy little asian guy who flirts with girls by poking them.
hey its gian, he pokes people.
by r0n1n May 26, 2004
1 God
2 Sexy Italian
3 Dark brown bedroom eyes
4 yummy!
also known as gspot
by D March 19, 2003
To be extremely good at something.
To be an expert
The way he handled that math test was real gian.
by John Ropinski October 05, 2004
gian is a guy who is extremely attractive. he's really athletic and is extremely outgoing. he always has girls around him and that's usually because they think he's extremely sexy. gian can be shy but when you get to know him he's a nice person and really outgoing.

gian is envied by a lot of guys. gian is usually a dick to girls because he knows he can get anyone he wants and girls just love his personality.
omg look at gian over there, he's so hot! i would fuck him for nothing.
by sexyyyyy!! July 16, 2009
Gian is a guy with an aptitude for many things… some may say genius, although one of those things is not singing. He is most likely a very talented drummer and partaker of scotch and beer. A Gian is incredibly good looking and can grow a mustache in minutes, almost always winning the best mustache contest. One should not enter a mustache contest with a Gian. Gian is probably Mexican with boyish good looks and blue or green eyes although he may fool you by sounding like he’s from Texas. Gian is a champion of the environment, (he’s probably a Longhorn) and may be drawn to careers like environmental engineering or working for non-profits. Gian is smart, hilarious, generous and a good time all around. People like a Gian though Gian sometimes pretends to not like people, and can be a real punkass if you get on his bad side. If given enough time, Gian will usually see the light. It’s definitely worth the wait for a Gian (that, or the effort to stay on his good side). It is rumored that Gian is an extraordinary lover, though to the great dismay of women everywhere, he probably likes to sleep with his clothes on.
Honey, you really need to give up on that sorry excuse for a mustache, and face the fact that you are no Gian.
For the love of Christ, somebody get that mic away from Gian!
by mychickenlittle February 06, 2010
Can stand for "Give it a Name" -a concert which lots of different well known and up and coming bands play at.
This year was held on London and manchester.
My chemical Romance and Lost Prophets were amazing at "GIAN" !
by -_Devils_kiss-_ May 03, 2006
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