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Gian is a guy (most likely italian), who is very talented. Usually most talented in the area of music, and is best suited to play the drums, but is also good at alot of other instruments. A gian is very social, and very firendly. He enjoys music alot, and hanging out with friends (usually hangs with an Eric). He is extremely funny and well liked. He is also very good looking (usually has red or black hair, with blue or hazel eyes).
A Gian is usually a very nice person, but don't get on his bad side. If provoked, he can become a total tight-ass, and this may be recieved as being rude, when he's really just proving himself to be the pekker-head we all know he can be. He will sooner or later apologize, but give him space so he can realize what a dick hole he's been.
All in all, Gian is a great person, and not only sickeningly talented, but he's a great friend...And yes ladies, he deffinately worth it.
Wow look at Gian over there...He would SO be worth it (giggles as he glances over)!
by Smithy January 29, 2005
A game in which 11 players on each team play for two 35 minute halfs. similar in many ways to soccer. ecept players cannot kick the ball. sticks are used (similar to ice hockey sticks)

ball often travelover 90mph and serious injuries can occur quite often.

not many people seem to understand the sport even though, it is for both men and women and is actually to worlds second most played sport.
err... a game of hockey!!
by Smithy January 09, 2005
A classic stereo typical West Country saying for stereo typical West Country cider drinking people. Is often used as a polite greeting and is commonly heard at steam and cider festivals.
oorr... how are you?
by Smithy January 09, 2005
A person who acts as if they had been "sniffen up 'snow'" These people are not high, but act as if they were.
Shit son, you actin' like some frazny!
by Smithy August 28, 2004
Two hot chicks at school they usually have a ugly nasty ass friend but this friend is one that their close with . Say a fit boy walks past the duff of the group they only talk to her to get into her pants
by SMITHY March 17, 2015
fridge ---> meaning a girl is fridgid, wont do anything with a boy.

Somewhere 2 cool your food!
cor that girl is a well bad fridge, she wont suk mah nob!

haave u put the milk in the fridge?!
by smithy March 22, 2005
Having a large amount of "bling",
drugs, or other expensive item.
Shit dawg! You loaded wit dat crack!
by Smithy August 28, 2004

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