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a olie south and olie north done on a skateboard at the same time so that you have to catch the olie.
kid a: dude did you see that sick ass trick that guy did

kid b: yea that was a ghostflip
by mrghostflip November 03, 2009
A skateboarding flip trick in which the rider hops off the board while moving, runs alongside, then quickly kicking the underside of the deck while also hopping back on. If timed right, the board will flip and land just as the rider lands on the board.

It is typically done by longboarders, as most longboards are impossible to even ollie.
"Went for a shred, hit a sick line on this decent hill: Walk-the-plank to Boneless Fingerflip, then pulled off a crazy Ghostflip while running"

"Wow! Longboarding really is way cooler than normal skateboarding!"
by satansicecreamtruck October 19, 2011
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