When your fucking a girl from behind and holding her pigtails. While doing this you be sure to have her facing the headboard of the bed or a wall. At random let go of her hair and slam her head into the wall.
man, she got a concussion when he gave her the ghost rider!
by poopy mcshitpants September 12, 2006
While riding a bicycle, one builds up alot of speed and then jumps off, making it appear to have a ghost riding the bike.
Hey there is nobody riding that bike. It must be a ghost rider
by Pants87 February 12, 2010
The dreaded piece of toilet paper that sticks to your shoe after you go potty!
"OMG...I just saw Michelle come out of the bathroom, and she totally had a ghost rider!"
by xosusanxo March 11, 2009
When the driver of a vehicle, to your amazment, performs fellatio on you while she is still in full control of her automobile. Works better if you steer the wheel...
This bitch gave me a bad ass ghost rider when we left Burger King.
by James 2 Fly February 15, 2009
To light ones hand on fire and punch someone
i sware i wanna give meghan fox a Ghost Rider for runing the Tranformer movies!
by AMK Dubstep February 02, 2011
An asian chick that only dates and/or hooks up with white guys.

The opposite of the male persuASIAN or male ASIAphile...
You see that asian girl over there, she's a ghostrider...only dating white guys!
by Seattle's Trixie February 18, 2010
Marvel Comics character that first appeared in the early 1970's (Johnny Blaze) and was reintroduced in the early 1990's (Danny Ketch). The Ghost Rider was a human being who served as the living host for The Spirit of Vengeance. In order to battle evil, the Ghost Rider took on the form of a leather clad motorcycle driver with a flaming skull for a head.

Though he would fight with his enemies using a length of chain or his bare hands, the Ghost Rider's most powerful weapon was the "Penance Gaze/Penance Stare". By locking his eyes with his enemy, that enemy would then experience all the pain and suffering they had ever inflicted on others through the eyes of their victims.
Nicholas Cage recently starred as Johnny Blaze in that awful Ghost Rider movie.
by M T April 17, 2007
to be solo, to be lurking around and then come out of nowhere
Bro you are a true ghostrider, where have you been? You ride ghosts hardcore.
by Swagin'nSwervin' October 23, 2006

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