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Yet another way that natural selection is working it's way into pop culture.
Damned fool got his ass killed trying to ghost ride.
by Thra11 August 20, 2006
245 201
A sexual act whereby a person will take a girl from behind as she faces their bedroom window. This person’s flatemate will very discreetly come in half way through and swap whilst the original fornicator runs around the house to the window and waves at the girl who is now being “ghost ridden”.
“Dude I just got a booty call from Lauren and she sounded fairly trashed – could be a good night for ghost ride”
by superluckycat August 11, 2008
40 22
Pull up, hop out, all in one motion
Dancin' on the hood while the cars still rollin'
Person 1: Shit man i got some bumpin rap music what the fuck should we do
Person 2: ummm, shit i gots a new whip lets ghost ride
by WHIP* January 11, 2009
18 8
Ghost Ride - Riding on the hood of your car while peering into the windshield at your speechless friends. This is nothing new, We did this back in the 60's. What's old is new. We just called it stupid back then. Especially when someone ran themselves down with their own car, films at 11.
In 1967 I was taking a Ghost Ride at 30 mph on the hood of my Continental Convertible and 40 years later my friends still think I'm a little "Dee Dee Dee"!
by Jake May 03, 2006
97 96
A sexual act in which sexual intercourse occurs while one of the participants is asleep (not in a rape kind of way though.) usually occurs after large consumptions of alcohol, middle of the night sex, or that early morning lovin
After that frat party last night, I was so drunk i blacked out during having sex. My Girl Friend continued to ghost ride however, as i would have wanted.
by ghost rider March 22, 2012
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(tech talk) To follow what a user is doing on a workstation by opening a window on yours to see what is on his/her screen (done via VNC or various other methods).
Richard is having some problems on his workstation, can you ghost ride him?
by YFinNYC June 19, 2008
8 11
When one sits on their hand until it becomes numb and then masturbates with it so it feels as if someone else is doing it when if fact no one is there, hence ghost riding
Sometimes I ghost ride myself and imagine thats its you
by aja1185 October 07, 2008
4 8