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Having no money.
empty handed.

I'm sitting here broke with my ghost hand till pay day.
by Robert Michael Hensel April 08, 2008
whilst your hand asleep with no feeling, you masturbate with it feeling like someone else is doing it for you.
i woke up in the middle of the night with my hand asleep. i decided to pull a ghost hand
by beaner ledz December 20, 2009
(verb) To masturbate without the use of one's hands or any other objects. This is accomplished by flexing the PC muscles for an extended period of time.
After ghosthanding for hours, I finally Peter Northed all over your mother's face.
by Brova December 07, 2007
A very hard working, underappreciated person. Often dumped on by their friends because of their unreliability. Considered too mature for their age (acting like a father or mother to their peers). Also associated with being updateable.
Jake: Who is she? she's hott
Tom: Dont waste your time, she's a ghost hand
Jake: Damn, what a waste...
by obsolete10 December 30, 2008
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