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The act of checking your mobile/cell phone for a non-existent call or message whilst on vibrate alert.
I was totally waiting for a call from a hot chick but all I got was ghost vibrations. Bummer!
by tony howard May 04, 2007
When you feel your phone vibrate in your pocket (whether it really is or not) and you go to check your phone and -guess what? No fucking calls, no fucking texts, just your same shitty phone playing tricks on you.
The other day i felt my phone go off, but then I remembered I left my phone at home. Damn ghost vibrations.
by Scott Blanton February 27, 2010
when keeping your phone on vibrate, you experience the sensation of vibrations in your pants pocket, purse, etc. only to see that nothing has taken place on your mobile.
"i thought jon was calling me - turns out it was just ghost vibrations"
by boblawblah June 24, 2009
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