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the sequel to ghost recon. takes place in 2007 on ps2 and 2011 on xbox last time I checked. out now on xbox and coming to ps2 sometime in december.gamecube and pc? next spring suckas. banned in korea because they said the story "went too far"
then the koreans said it was obvious to the rest of the world how much we hated them. it's just a game
by Adrian November 26, 2004
The ass kicker of games, i played it this weekend on Xbox. I personally think its better than Halo 2. Halo 2 doesn't even have co-op on live, thats shitty, but Ghost Recon 2 on the other hand... YOU CAN DO 16 PLAYER CO-OP!!! ITS THE SHIT!!! GET IT!! it comes out for PS2 on December 1st.
Ghost Recon 2 beats Halo 2
by NooDLES November 28, 2004
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