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High quality, upper class, superior, fine, above average, great, wonderful, sinfully good, not an asshat, skillful, wonderful, wizzunderful
Those were some elite moves, my friend.
When I kicked those guys asses handily?
by Noodles February 19, 2003
A gem is something that is absolutely great. Usually preceded by the word 'absolute.' Popularized by a certain individual named Dave A.
Tom Brady is an absolute gem.
by noodles May 26, 2004
To take a handful of flour and throw it in somebody's face while they are sleeping (preferably with a hangover). With the addition of recent technology, documentation of antiquing has increased tenfold. Popular doumentation methods include photography, but better yet, video.
1. Let's go antique his ass!

2. Frank got antiqued SO bad, we even got it on video! Oh shit lemme see.

Person1: Oh shit I can't believe you guys did this... shit man.
Person2: You got yo ass ANTIQUED frizank!
by noodles April 02, 2003
Often used in conjunction with gank , the word 'Yoink' confers legitimate ownership of the 'ganked' item to the one who exclaimed 'Yoink!'
"Yoink! I have ganked your french fries!", exclaimed Bill.
"Damnation! They are now yours, regardless of my feelings!", declaimed Fred.
by Noodles February 19, 2003
Short for bonosaurus. An swelling of the male member by the circulation of blood, also known as an erection. Used to refer to an erection in public.
1. You see that girl? She got major hotential, and gave me a massive b-rex.

2. Damnit, why did i wear sweatpants today! Now everyone can see my massive 8 inch b-rex!
by noodles April 02, 2003
A stretch performed by women sometimes unknowingly in which they lean back, most of the time with their head facing backwards, and expose their breasts for all males (and some females) to look at. The ho stretch reaches maximum potential (or "hotential") when the ribs are scratched.
1. would she stop performing the ho stretch already! Im pitchin a massive tent in my pants.
2. Oh man her breasts are so nice, i can tell by that ho stretch she just did.
by noodles April 02, 2003
A word used to refer to a baseball bat but at the same time used as an innuendo for manmeat.
1. Yo lemme see your lumber, it's black right?

2. Need some help addin' lube to your lumber? I got the pine tar right here.

3. Whoah, your lumber is huge, i might need to use that sometime, maybe tonight... at the game.
by noodles April 02, 2003

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