adj. exhibiting qualities such as those from a lower-class urban setting, combined with qualities of outdatedness
All you have is VHS? That shit is mad ghettro.
by Tiffany125 November 14, 2006
The slang name created by Sneakers O'toole for the washington D.C. Metro Sytem
I found these great shoes that are sold out at my local store. I have to take the Ghettro to Wheaton to get them.
by Pamela Niedzwiadek August 03, 2007
1)short for metro phone.
2)a cheep phone
Ooh, tell me when to go (dumb)
Talking on my "Ghettro" on the way to the store
... My 2nd or 3rd trip
Some Henny, some Swishers and some Listerine strips
Dr. Greenthumb lift, just to ease my thoughts
Not just the cops, but the homies you gotta watch
The moon is full, look at the dark clouds
Sitting in my scraper, watching Oakland go wild... Ta-dow
I don't bump mainstream, I knock underground
All that other shit, sugar-coated and watered down
I'm from the Bay where we hyphy and go dumb
From the soil where them rappers be getting their lingo from
by DFEEZY April 11, 2006
Something that is a classic, retro or old school thing that has been made ghetto/thuggish. Example: those OLD school Cadillacs that have been all thugged-out by being super lowered, with the crazy rims and the black-as-night tinted windows.

Pimp, check out that ghettro Cadi.


Check out that dude tryin' to pull off that fur hat and cloak. That's so ghettro.
by Kreneeneh September 13, 2006
A street definition of a cellular phone.
Talking on my Ghettro on the way to the store
- E-40 f/ Keak Da Sneak, Tell Me When to Go

by Ren Hoek March 10, 2006
stolen cell phone; also can be a prepaid phone with stolen minutes.
"talking on my ghettro on the way to the store"
by ianballz February 27, 2006
synonym for "ghetto"


Describes something that is reminiscent of life in the Ghetto.
Look, girl. Her pants is so ghettro.
by rainesbaines November 19, 2004

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