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Crappy user on the SmackDown vs. Raw Social Board who likes t3h purpl3 dild0.
ghettoraider: OMG!!!1 I L13K T3H PURPL3 DILD0!!!!! OMG WTF LOLZZ!!!!!111
by ImTheKingOfMyWorld December 22, 2004
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Someone of middle class origin who seeks to (do their part) by working in the education sector in the most impoverished urban areas. Due to their own personal irresponsibility they often fail to maintain this employment and have to return to their middle class environment. The experience often becomes "noble work" fodder on the ghetto raiders resume when they return to the job market.
The boss should probably hire Willy as the new supervisor...He's been here for years...but I imagine they'll bring in another ghetto raider who will be gone in a year.
by tskochanski November 16, 2008
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