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A redneck who has an extreme desire to identify with the hip-hop/gangsta culture. Their desire is found in how they dress and the music they listen too but they are still from the farm.
You might be ghettoneck if you find yourself wearing a ball cap, cut off dress shirt and pumping up the bass in your Ford f-150. Example: Larry the Cable Guy meets Snoop Dog.
You might be ghettoneck if you have a rebel flag doo-rag and have spinners on your 1985 Chevette. Example: Jeff Foxworthy meets 50 Cent.
You might be ghettoneck if you wardrobe consists of a bright orange hunting jacket and pair of Sean John sweats. Example: Bill Engvall meets Lil John.
by C.M.R March 26, 2007
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Noun. (1) Characterized by the type of gestures typified by inhabitants of the ghetto; (2) One who uses the neck and head in a ghetto-esque way to exaggerate or otherwise accompany their speech; (3) A neck that is not good see "ghetto" as a general slang term for "of poor quality"; (4) A disease that causes indignant head gestures in those afflicted also known as tensor fascia necka which can be alleviated, though not cured, with topical ointments such as "neck on," which is applied directly to the neck ("neck on, apply directly to the neck. neck on, apply directly to the neck. neck on, apply directly to the neck").
Even though she was not speaking aloud, Amanda had ghetto neck when she wrote that email.
by johninpgh September 04, 2006

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