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To take a digital photo of a picture and upload it to your computer; what someone does who doesnt have a scanner.
dude 1: Hey bro, can you scan this photo onto your computer so I can put in MySpace?
dude 2: I dont have a scanner, but i can do a ghetto scan for you! *whips out digital camera*
by ruby 23421 March 15, 2008

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when you are too poor to own a scanner so take digital photographs of photos to post online
"I love that old school photo you put on facebook"
"yeah I Ghetto-Scanned it"
by theddt August 27, 2007
Using a camera phone to take a picture of another picture and uploading it to your computer.
I just ghetto scanned my ID so I could email it to your mom to prove I'm over 18.
by BSanner October 06, 2010