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ghetto people are loud, litter, smoke, drink alcohol frequently, loiter, blast their car steroes, wear a gold tooth, have illegitimate kids, and let their kids be noisy/run around the store.
Ghetto people smoke and litter etc.
by Queen Africa June 05, 2010
a plague upon society, the dog shit of the world
ghetto people: yO nIggA wHTz Up Im Gna FUkKn kIlL u WiT MY glOCk WhLE i bLAst My rICK ross MusIC u HEarD mE dAWg?? sMokeW eEd EvERy dAY FUck BiTcheZZ ZZZ SUWOOOOO i DOnT paY My CHild SuPPorT cUZ im A bAdAzz nigGA
by Medicman1 December 07, 2011
a person who wears stickers on theyre hats. for no reason, and use the fuckin ebonics language. they should all die
Ghetto people suck cock
by anti-ghettoness April 23, 2003
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