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is a species that is out of this world,knownfor being ghetto and innocent.
also know for their great sense of fashion
hey look at jon he is such a ghettoangel with those shoes.

ghettoangel is really weird i think hes from mars
by angel urbina January 18, 2009
A ghetto angel is the good and righteous power of the ghetto, a dead thug who watches over the children and his homies from beyond his own grave
Ghetto Angel....
by meterasiti November 05, 2008
A Smart Parts Impulse is referred to in the paintball world as a ghetto Angel because it has much of the performance of the higher priced Angel markers.
PeaTearGriffin's Impulse pwns j00! It will lay suppressive fire on the whole field.
by PeaTearGriffin May 01, 2005