1. A section of a city in which a large population of a minority is confined to a small space, usually due to economic status. Many residents of these areas are less financially stable than other areas.

2. Of or pertaining to "the ghetto"
The state is trying to increase educational fudins to the ghettos
by Anthomanic August 22, 2006
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It's a place that people act like is such a bad crime infested place with a hobo on each corner like all these suburban kids like to discribe the ghetto when in fact it's not THAT bad! Not everyone does drugs and kills people! I'm not saying ghetto is the best place to raise a family but no one picks on other kids in the ghetto because everyone can understand why someone's clothes arent always brand fucking new. It is a wonderful place to live as long as you dont fuck with the gangbangers. keep in mind though not every kid with baggy clothes and a durag on is a gangbanger that just means he probly just likes rap...
I live in the innercity(ghetto said in a positive way) of Columbus, Ohio and i don't think its bad at all...
by Loganisdbomb July 11, 2006
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Textbooks will usually describe the word "ghetto" as a place where a minority group dominates. Unfortunately these cities and towns of living are often run down with a high crime rate. That is part of the reason Martin Luthe King addressed the problems of African Americans being forced from a "smaller ghetto to a larger one." In pop culture terms it often refers to bad living areas (whether minority groups dominate or not) and things that are of low quality.
Oprah: This fast food restraunt has the worst fries. It is so ghetto!
50 Cent: I grew up in the ghetto! Why do you think I am a rapper?
Alex Trebec: Why are my shows ratings getting to be so low? My show is not that ghetto!
Jessica Simpson: My black friends are not welcome on the farm. This run down country town is ghetto!

by FriendlyPersonGuy October 12, 2008
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These do not technically exist within the American Region no matter how hard people try to convince you they do. An "American ghetto" is very tame where they sell drugs some murders ect. A real ghetto has thousands of murders, houses made from trash, 3 legged dogs running wild and all of the above. Take a look at the slums of Kingston Jamaica, India, Pakistan, Iraq, South America, Mexico, and Russia! Stop trying to act so poor and ghetto you retards.
Person 1: "Im from the ghetto"

person 2: "Your from the City of God?"

person 1: "No"

person 2: "Then shut the hell up"
by longjohn May 23, 2008
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The origin of the word ghetto comes from the dialect spoken in Venezia, aka Venice for english-spoken people, and probably was created during 1400-1500. It was used to define the place where jewish people live and have their bussinesses,
separated from the oligarchy that ruled Venezia in that period , that was mainly connected with commerce on the Mediterranean
Sea.I think people in Venezia could haven't believed that this word would have such a fortune. Of course this word can mean all the other entries are in this this useful slang dictionary.
Nowadays if u go 2 Venezia in Northern Italy u'll find the real first ghetto in history
by Dj Pierfa April 08, 2006
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Urban Redneck

The urban counterpart to the rural. Both underclasses possess a culture, values, language, and dress code characterized by identification with ignorance, substance abuse, objectification of women, crime, poverty and geographic, social and economic isolation.
You might be ghetto if your car has rims which cost more than the car itself.
by Becky August 30, 2006
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despite pop culture, ghetto is actually a noun, not an adjective to describe something poorly made or maintained. a ghetto is an area of gov't funded housing.
wrong: bro, that is a ghetto ass stereo
right: i live in the ghetto
by Paul____ August 11, 2005
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