when talking about a pot head behind there back
why is your friend talking ghetto smack about me?
by jnD* June 16, 2007
Top Definition
The art of hitting someone with any nearby object, animal or person.
Came about due to lack of professional weapons in ghettos or slums, thereby requiring for the assailant to use any available object.
Penny backtalked me at the carnival yesterday, so i picked up a midget and ghetto smacked that bitch back to Beirut.
by loki March 27, 2005
Grab anything withing reach, hit a person with it. You have now ghetto smacked that person.
I ghetto smack Alex with a music stand!!
by YEARGH!! April 21, 2006
when you hit someone with anything
i gave that bitch a ghetto smack with a brick
by the December 11, 2004
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