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A slice of bread (preferably Wonderbread™) topped with ketchup, a slice of American cheese and microwaved for 45 seconds. Typically used in periods between welfare when money is tighter than usual.
"Damn Leroy! All dis crack's done givin' me the MUNCHIES!"
"Chillax Tyrone, we just cook ourselves up some of the ghetto pizza!"
"Oo boy, jus' like mama used to make!"
by Blutorse4792 February 25, 2008
a pizza made of saltine crackers, ketchup packets and grated Parmesan cheese. Usually made by low income niggers, beaners, or white trash. Often made in public food courts, like The ones in malls, where all of the ingredients can be acquired for free.
Joe: Yo dawg wanna grab a burger at BK?

Anthony: No dawg... spent all my money on dope. I'll be eating ghetto pizza for lunch.

Joe: Sucks for you dawg!
by mayorofbootytown February 12, 2012
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