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A derogatory term used to describe people of the maharashtrian descent or maharashtra region in India.

An uncultured and ignorant person.
Raju is such a ghati. He uses words like "yed zavya"
by badassfreakygangbanga March 29, 2004
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Hindi slang used to denote an uncultured and ignorant person. It does not apply to people from any particular region. It is universally applied in a derogatory/insulting way to point out the lack of sophistication and urban culture in a person. This is related to the lifestyle of a person. For eg: people who do not have a sense of style and wear plain, ordinary clothes and do not know good language are called ghatis. Somebody who does not know the ways of the city life. eg: If someone has never seen big buildings, expensive cars, branded clothes, hot girls etc and finds all the cool stuff overwhelming, he is called a ghati.
Person A: Look at the way person B is staring at the big buildings, cars and hot women on the street. What a ghati.
by primeoptimusssss April 15, 2013
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Person A: How was your trip to Udaipur?
Person B: Great! You must see Haldi Ghati when you go there.

The Vaishno Devi temple in Uttaranchal is in Bhairon Ghati.
by carl_the_goon June 27, 2013
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