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1. A phrase coined by Nigerians in an outcry when millions of Ghanaians fled to Nigeria in 1983 due to political unrest. Many Nigerians were averse to the influx of Ghananian refugees are thus the antagonistic phrase was born.

2. A very sturdy, striped (mostly red and blue) bag with a zipper and two handle grips often found in Nigeria and Ghana. The bag was a statement from Nigerians telling Ghananian refugees who fled to Nigerian during political unrest to pack up and go back to Ghana., but now it is mostly used by market women and to hold household items.
Child: Dad, what can you tell me about Nigerians?

Dad: I despise them! I was in secondary school when we fled to Nigeria, but we were welcomed to chants of Ghana-Must-Go!

Chris: Oh no!! We have too much stuff to carry.. We don't have enough bags

Rennie: Don't worry, Carol is bring a few ghana-must-go bags!
by The_AFRICAN December 21, 2010
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