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In Super Smash Brothers Melee, it is the spectacle that is Luigi's Forward-B attack. Normally the move is a simple charged headbutt, but on occasion, Luigi explodes with energy and annihilates anything that gets in his way. When this happens, the user must scream, "GHAAAAD!!!"

Player 1: "I'm gonna win this game, your done!"

BOOOM!!! Suddenly Luigi Bursts out of nowhere and launches Player 1 off the screen with a ghad.

Player 2 (guy with Luigi): "GHAAAAAAD!!!"
by Rzhova April 25, 2007
having god-like qualities on either the internet, computer programming or networking
By creating the fastest internet connection, he became an internet ghad.
by tunavamp April 16, 2009
a word used to describe something wierd or wrong
Man you g had what the hell are you doing?
by Marcus Linden October 14, 2005