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Great-Granny I'd Like to Fuck
Yo nanna such a GGILF!
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
great granny i like (to) fukk
sitting there talking shit about me
by hey what r u eating April 08, 2005
Great Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck
Schmit loves to lube up the G-Gilfs after Stan is done licking their Cosseys
by Concrete Lab May 20, 2008
Governor-General I'd Like to Fuck
"That Canadian Governor-General Michaelle Jean is completely hot - she is such a G.G.I.L.F."

"The Wild Lardo Boys love our Governor-General!"
by The Wild Lardo Boys June 01, 2006
Great Grandmother I'd like to fuck!
Wow! Karl, check out that G-GILF in that wheel chair. I'd love to put her legs behind her back and tear her apart!
by Ian Wallace August 25, 2004