Garrison Forest School. Renown Private All-Girls School in Maryland. Starting at 3 year olds and going up to 12th grade. College Prep School
Public School Kid:Oh you went to GFS? So does that mean you're a dyke?

Garrison Girl: No, it means that I'm smarter and have more money than you!
by Honery1 February 24, 2009
GFS is known as "Greg Fox Syndrome," and originates from GFox at the newsgroup It means taking an innocent statement, and making it as perverted as possible.

There is also GFSblock and GFSbait.
Low level wizard: "Anybody have a cheap rod?"
Some other guy: "Anyone care to GFS that?"
by LockeZ March 13, 2004
Gay Family Shit
Used when your plans are ruined by family obligations.
"I got screwed into some GFS"
also popular is GGFS (Gay Girl Friend Shit)
by DS June 07, 2004
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