GFG = "good fucking girl"

a control statement that indicates a woman has done something sexually pleasing for a man...either at his direction or maybe on her own.

(gfg is also sometimes confused with "good fucking game")
When he says "gfg" it sends us into involuntary pussy convulsions of epic proportions so we ruin our panties.
by fallongfg April 30, 2012
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Good fucking game. Sarcastic version of gg. Often used to show extreme frustration, disappointment, or sarcasm.
pwned!: Man, I was just awp hsed through the wall for the 30th time.
pwned!: GFG.
by GFG. January 25, 2004
Good Fucking Game
Good Fucking Game
by dingus March 06, 2003
Abreviation of Good Fucking Game. Kind of like "GG" (meaning good game), but this one has frustration and can also be used as an insult. i.e "Gfg Noob"
"omg wtf is with this GFG noob server? is it hosted by the salvation army? GFG noob. GTFO"
by gotz2b^Razor-Sharp December 19, 2006
Gift From God - a tongue in cheek way to refer to a child with non-normal issues, such as ADHD.
I went to the doctor yesterday to discuss my 13yo gfg's ADHD and in response he changed my gfg's meds from adderall to ritalin.
by JayRiddley June 17, 2011
Go for gold!
Friend: Not sure if the girl sitting accross from me is pretty or not.

You: Well she's basically eye fucking you man just GFG!
by alwaysawake February 29, 2012
Gay for Glee - When you are such a fan of the TV show Glee that you realize you might be Gay.
I watch so much Glee I think I'm becoming "GFG - Gay for Glee"
by Gleeman August 04, 2010

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