Good fight, though.
Person #1: "You're the worst person in the Universe." Ha, bet you can't top that.
Person #2: "You're the worst person in the Galaxy."
Person #1: Galaxies are parts of the Universe... Gfdoe
by RemmyHero December 29, 2010
It is ment for trolling forum accounts on the internet. People us it to anger other players of diffrent communitys online. They do this because the other person is a fake, homo-sexual, not cool, annoying, ect.
Originally Posted by Krypt00

If this shit was to happen to me, I would be able to remember and Snap shot some pictures of me dancing around with a cup on my sh-long.

Posted by: Xaldin
Yes this would be quite epic.

You apparently remember it, gfdoe.
by Krypt00 / Ronnie l SeaJae / CJ December 29, 2010

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