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Acronym for Global Financial Crisis - Brought about from a lack of funds for borrowing from banks. Can be used to describe any and everything that is going atm
Friend 1 - Did you hear that Greg lost his Job.
Friend 2 - Yer. Damn GFC it is hitting everyone hard
by thelankymanx2 December 11, 2008
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"Good for Chart". Adjective. Refers to the quality of an addition to one's hook up chart. A hook up chart is a web connecting all the people one knows that have hooked up with each other. Attractive people or hilarious characters would be good for the chart (GFC), and the ugly and unpopular would be bad for the chart (BFC).
"Based off my recent hook ups, I can safely say that I have jungle fever. It's clearly GFC"

"I regret nothing from last night since all my chart additions were GFC. Even if I can't remember most of their names, the facebook pics posted today showed that they were attractive"
by Cat Baker July 07, 2009
Get Fucked Cunt. Telling someone to leave you alone whilst you are trying to do something and they annoy you or are interrupting you. Therefore you say "GFC".
When telling someone to go away, the acronym is used
eg/ Im trying to do my work, GFC!
by Joga Bonito July 18, 2006
Good Fucking Company
I'll bring the drank... you bring the GFC.
by ajdolby March 04, 2011
Acronym for: Good Fucking Company

The friends you surround yourself with that guarantee good times.
"You bring the music and beer, I'll bring the GFC."

-"Who should we invite to come over and chill?"
-"The GFC"
by ajdolby March 22, 2011
GFC aka a GirlFriend Crisis
A situation arising when you go out to dinner with your mistress and you see your girlfriend. Almost always, the possibility of high levels of hilarity will ensue.
Ernest was having dinner with Shantelle when his girlfriend Lima walked by . Major GFC!!
by hustlerlankan June 12, 2011
(Girlfriend's chick)

The GFC is that beautiful girl that is a friend of your GF.

The one you are always acting cool with, deepening your voice when talking to, and trying to impress.

You just never feel the need to act this way with Non-GFC.
"Sweetheart, me and my friends will have diner here tonight"

- ok. who..

"hmm Kate, Britney, Mary.."

- eh.. ok.

"and Stacy might also come.."

- ok! fine! (!!!!)

- Man. Not the GFC again. She drives me nuts.
by Max_Max85 December 23, 2010

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