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A term mostly used in NY-

1- A sexual term, to have sexual intercourse
2- To advance your way in a upper level/ advancing your swagg
1- Ayo ____, I heard you was getting it in with ___ last night son?

2- Ahhh I see you getting it in... fresh kicks? Niice!
by Paris__x February 23, 2009
having sex with the opposite member
Are you getting it in with your girlfriend?
by hiram rodriguez November 01, 2007
if you're a girl, letting a guy put his dick in your vagina.
if you're a guy, means putting your dick in a girl's vagina.
Guy: Are you getting it in?
Guy: All day, all night
by john doe 704 June 05, 2015
1) Having a meal, getting a good meal in.

2) Sexual intercourse, putting a phallus into an orifice.
Similar but distinct "getting it", which is an adverb.
Im getting it in at Mac Donalds.
by Weaponspath February 29, 2016
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