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A really rather kinky band from South UK
hey young lady you've got something on your face, ah no, wait, its just getAmped
by Chorizo Wagon June 01, 2005
Get Amped are a UK band. Their album, 'Postcards From Hell', is set to take the UK by storm.
The band is made up of Rick and Tim (brothers) and Jason.
Rick and Tim moved a lot when they were younger and learnt about lots of different cultures so they try to incorpirate that into their music.
They also like to surf in their spare time.
They went on tour with Rooster in October 2006.
(It was amazing - I was there!)
H: Hey, have you heard that new song by Get Amped? Its called 'In Control'?
J: Yeah, it rocks, doesn't it?
by snowflakerabbit January 25, 2007

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