a saying that is yelled when someone jumps at another person and then gives them a hip bump.
Tanner:"So yeah...what should we do."
Robbie:"Idk but not this..."
Alyssa:"GET SOME!! (hip bump to tanner)"
Tanner:"Hey, stop!!"
(Tanner's pissed)
by Flappy Orange Hat November 25, 2009
to seduce a girl into getting some pussy
John: Bro, I got some last night!
Ryan: Dude, Im gonna get some tonight!
John: (No your not...)
by kilometeros July 15, 2008
To go and get some ice cream.
"Hey, man, I want some ice cream"

"Well, den, get some!"
by Evan May June 01, 2005
to participate in any activity, ie playing the foos
yah, get some!! yah yah shit.. GET SOME!
by BMG December 17, 2002
n: name of a sweet blue bong with green swirls
v: to get extremely high on said bong
1. I just cleaned out get some and I'm ready to get some.
2. Yo nigga I just got some dank nug, let's get some and O's game it.
by Cal Ripken aka Big Nig May 03, 2006
A phrase used by the Dulaney High School football team. Copyrighted by Mike, this phrase has symbolized many things. It has been used to encourage fortification with future trophy wives, harlots and any other legs you can spread. In a less derogatory sense, it has been used as "have a good time" or in other words, go get intoxicated beyond all recognition.
"Alright guys, good practice... Lets work hard tommorrow... Hey, get some on three.. one.. two... three... GET SOME!"
by Mr. Riley October 15, 2007
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