Future tense of got got. When someone is about to attack, and maybe kill another individual.
1. Chad is about to get got!
2. Get out of my face bitch before you get got!
by clintdub July 11, 2004
to punk someone off than you got punked off right back.
the guy getgot rayyyyy
by darrell smitz January 17, 2011
To become involved in a relationship. The implication is that one is caught, or possessed. Usage is questionable -- "get" is never conjugated, because it is usually preceded by another verb.

Often used tongue-in-cheek or in a pejorative manner, in the case of someone who is actively looking for a partner. Normally, the latter inference refers only to a sexual relation.
Your ex was at the club last night, man, looking to get got.

I need a girl -- what's a guy got to do to get got in this town?
by thisrancidrye May 20, 2007
To get prednant accidently.
"I won't get got, I'm in the pill"
by Defiance January 07, 2006

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