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From the start.Since the begining.
I've been Down for the West Side since the "get go"
by Jaime Santiesteban April 29, 2006
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The beginning, the start of something, as it begins.
Dates back to the initial start of something. Past-tense
Ray Ray has the race won from the get-go when he smoked em' off the starting line.

Some white cracka' named Herbana been listening to too much TV talking bout git-go, he was way off from the get go
by el_theonlyBuster August 22, 2008
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the beggining or from the start
any sentence having from the get go
by Chacon August 07, 2005
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From the start or beginning.
I've been in West Virginia from the get go.
by Livi Crum July 10, 2008
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from the very beginning. Could be a shortened form of the American quality of "get up and go". Might also be a shortened form of what the cowboy said to ol" paint in the Western movies
I knew that that women didn't mean me no good from the getgo.
by hammer hands March 10, 2006
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It is obvious to me that the word "getgo" is a modified form of "get-go", which is obviously a type of bracketed phrase, or a shortened version of the term "Get Ready , Get Set, Go!", words we have all heard at the beginning of a variety of contests requiring speed, and a universal, equal starting time for all participants. Commonly used on playgrounds. Similar to the more formal "On your mark, Get set, Go!" The very beginning of the countdown is the "get" and you can figure out what to do at "go". I arrived at this definition using common sense. -Sonny Edwards
I thought this was silly from the getgo.
by Sonny Edwards April 03, 2008
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