when u see a nice lookin gurl or guy and ur wit ur folks, one of ur friends will usually yell this out referrin to get the cute guy or girl...
"Look at him! ay gurl get 'em!"
by TajE August 05, 2004
Top Definition
It came from the movie how high, it means for 2 people to be gunning on eachother back and forth. Also after each insult everyone around yells "Get em"
1: You so ugly, your birth certificate was sent to your parents with a sorry letter from the condom company

Everyone: Get em!!!!!
by Dickiesgirl4u August 04, 2004
its a catch all phrase its kindda the new "you go girl"
"Get 'em Jeezy!" "I got 'em"
by Jasmine K. July 29, 2005
Another term for "ayyyeee" or "that's wassup".
I got an A in my math class.

- GET EM!!
by blazaysqwa September 10, 2011
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