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to "get bent" is to be bent over and fucked in the ass.
get bent like clark kent in a tent
by get bent bitches October 01, 2006
What a short little man says to people when he is trying to be cool. Mainly used by Italians especially those who wear glasses and live at home with mommy and daddy. Said by those who do not know how to do laundry or who have never purchased toothpaste/ toilet paper/ deodorant/ laundry detergent/ soap/ cat litter. When the small Italian says this it is because he is trying to come out of the closet. He wants you to bend over so he can enter you... anally.
scenario: he is giving everyone shit and then someone gives him some shit
Said with tears in his eyes: "get bent" waaaaahhhhh
by Oh, I already got bent. May 25, 2009
a phrase indicative of reluctance to perform a task or a blatant show of anger at something/someone. often used by participants in one-on-one games, ie checkers, when one player feels s/he has been cheated.
player 1 "hey, you can't use the half-pincer! that's unfair!"
player 2 "this is my checkers board!"
player 1 *smashes the board* "GET BENT!"
by failure33object April 23, 2005
An infamous phrase that was generated in the world of Lineage2. Mostly said to people when they say "stop ksing," and you say it to throw them into confusion which results in them googling what it means.
"stop ksing, plizzzzz"
"get bent"
by Sasha Yoko February 15, 2007
To have sex with another person of the same sex.
Hey guys, does anyone want to get bent with me?!
by The Holy Father November 03, 2007
to get intoxicated to the point where as you can't even stand up. To drink an acholic beverage to the point of unconciousness.
Last week Stone went to the bayou classic and got bent. We had to carry him to his room. Go GSU!
by x factor February 22, 2005
to get wasted; to get tanked; to get crunked
person a: hey what did you do on new years?

person b: well i went to my friends house and got absolutely bent off of red bull and vodka.
by john January 01, 2005