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To drink; to get wasted. Silly is another term for drunk.
Your kid: "Hey guys, I stole a 12-pack of Natty from my dad's fridge. Wanna get silly tonight."
Friend: "No, I think we'll just smoke crack instead."
Your kid: "OK, save a couple rocks for me!"

"Get silly...don't stop when the beat drop, just keep shakin' it, get silly." -Sean Paul

"Got me gettin' so silly right now..." -Beyonce

"E'rybody in the club gettin' silly." -J-Kwon
by Nick D July 19, 2004
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To get crunk; Being drunk and high.
The fella's in the back and they twistin' up a philly, get silly.

And now that im straight im bout to act a fool again, get silly.
by Thomas Gaff April 21, 2008
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Where a girl holds the male body party located below the waste and does the motion done in the music video...Equivalent to a hand job.
Guy: Dude that chick is hot...Do you think she can get silly?

Guy2: Isnt that a dance

Guy: Its the motion of the dance but with a guys meat rather than the air
by bboyjj13 April 15, 2009
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Hey, after the game do you want to get silly?

Oh yeah, he smoked like six bowls and got big silly.
by koreykid2 November 06, 2010
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