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Kevin: "How was the big date with Phoebe?"
Josh: "Pretty sweet man. She was all over my cock."
Kevin: "Ooooh yeah!"
Josh: "Yeah, when she came to my place I took her out to the barnyard and showed her the rooster cage. She loved it! But after that I figured it was time to let her get a taste of the salami."
Kevin: "Awwww right!"
Josh: "Yeah, so I took her to the Italian deli and got her one of those big salami sticks. She took down the whole 10 inches and swallowed it like a champ! But after that I decided it was time to give her a ride down the old Hershey highway."
Kevin: "Indabutt man!"
Josh: "Yeah, so we drove down Rte. 322 to the Hershey's plant and took a tour of the chocolate factory. It was awesome! But then I decided it was time to slip her the sausage."
Kevin: "Hell yeah!"
Josh: "So I surprised her with another big salami that I had picked up at the deli so she could save it for later. After that it was time to drop her off. That's when I got some real nice pussy!"
Kevin: "Yeah, 'bout time."
Josh: "Yeah, she had this sweet little cat, Fluffy. He was the greatest!"
Kevin: "So I bet you got a hell of a goodnight kiss at least."
Josh: "Nothing, man. She's a total prude. I had to go jack off to donkey porn!"
by Nick D December 21, 2005
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