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have an alcoholic beverage.

an australian expression derived from "hair of the dog that bit you," "get a dog up ya" is a jovial instruction to take your acoholic beverage and drink it, similar to cheers.
"I am experiencing a hang over from last night's frivolties."
"Thats a shame. Why don't you get a dog up ya? Its bound to set you straight."
"Lets both get some dogs up us."
by Mrs Harrigan August 14, 2007
To go get fucked.
Bloke: fancy a drink treacle?
Bird: no way you slime!
Bloke: Ah! get a dog up ya!
by The Reds Brothers October 02, 2008
An australian expression which really doesn't mean anything much at all. Often said whilst being drunk and yelled at high volume at the footy.
Drunk Aussie Yobbo A: Stone the flaming crows mate, essendon are losing this game
Drunk Aussie Yobbo B: yeah this is fucked
Drunk Aussie Yobbo A (Yelled out in the crowd): Come on bombers, GET A DOG UP YA!!
by mark33345 December 10, 2006
A dismissive comment, to be used in unicin with a silencing "Bah!" and a reference that the victim enjoys sexual relations with their own mother.
"Bah! Get a dogupya and go back to doing your own mother while you're at it."
by rossevan September 27, 2007
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