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Gert refers to masculine women of a certain age that have a penchant for utility tools and sensible, practicle accessories. Originally adopted from Gertrude Stein, best-selling feminist and lesbian literature guru.
Gerts will often come and rescue you when you are in danger and have a habit of commandeering situations while wagging their meter ruler.
Can also be used as a verb. To Gert of somewhere.
"The lovely Gert came in her camper van."
"Wear a sensible Gert shirt to your interview"
"Be a pragmatic Gert and take a rex hunt fishing tool"
by Devonian Delia September 05, 2006
9 33
'Great' or 'very' in a dirty bristol accent.
'E took me behind the chip shop, and when 'e cum in I, it were gert lush.
by Sam November 13, 2003
203 91
A Bristolian slang word meaning 'Big' or 'Very' etc.

Often said in a very Farmerish Bristolian accent by the slightly older generation.
1. Shut yer mouth you bloody gert bastard, you.

2. That was a gert Hippo.

3. Gert lush.
by Jube December 12, 2005
123 61
latin: Gert means "he who is strong with the spear"
Gert - meaning the name of a man - frequently used in the Netherlands
by dude9999999 February 06, 2010
30 27
To ejaculate seminal fluid multiple times in an abrupt and violent manner, often without regard for the well-being of others.
I gerted on her face.
They played rock-paper-scissors to gert on their knee.
Sometimes you just gotta gert.
by Mike&Drag March 10, 2011
19 19
Big or very
Christ! That elephant's bloody gert.
by ss March 19, 2004
47 47
an abnormally large anus
This chick I just met had a GERT....
by dragn_99 September 14, 2009
30 34
"Gert" is another way to express hatred without using foul language such as: bitch, cunt, whore, slut, skeeze, etc.
She is such a gert.
by A&A Word January 21, 2011
3 9