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Being a know it all, but always wrong. A short word for asshole and loser. Have an annoying squeaky voice and always talk about cars, computers, or tennis. Can talk the talk but can't walk the walk.
1. Oooh, that sounded like something Gerrett would have said.

2. He gerretted his way to being a dumbass.
by Myrtle Bunny911 March 02, 2009

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A man that the world has beautiful scarred. A softhearted womanizer. A special person that was a Grade A asshole to everyone else in his little town but deep inside had to the ability to love one person. He can get whatever he wanted with his quick wit and smooth tongue. He can be whoever he wants. The only way to love this kind of person is to accept that good people can do bad things.
"Gerrett was a real dick to me. He's been busy with some chick from Texas." -Some Whore
by That Girl Dani August 10, 2014