someone who is a major tool/loser
When sadman and the hebrew hammer said "draus" during the movie they were acting like frickin gerns.
by GREGOR DRAUS February 15, 2007
Top Definition
gerner, a word used to describe the jaw movements when a person is under the influence of ectacy. Or another name for exctacy
"look at that guy! he's full on gernin his face off" "lets get 20 gerners"
by ianb cray z February 23, 2005
the rubbing or grinding of teeth during the intoxication of extasy
bays, im gerning my face off
by peter file February 23, 2005
the rubbing or grinding of teeth during toxication of extasy
"buys, im gerning my face off"
by peter file February 23, 2005
To connect the knee with an agressors leg at high velocity.

The gern is effective due to its ability to incapacitate the target leg. Therefore preventing any chance of the target retaliating with a chase.

To increase the effectiveness of the gern, it can be combined with a leap. There is a positive correlation between length of run-up and the gerns effectiveness.

When using the gern, accuracy is paramount. A miss can lead to a swift retaliation, usually a John in the head.

Proper gern technique is hard to master.
"Hes been practising his gern against that locker all week."

"Andy called Craig ginger, so he gerned him in the leg."

"The triple jump went wrong, and I ended up gerning the teacher."
by borris the blade September 28, 2006
1. dork and a total loser
2. a less cool dorko
I can't believe Brittany is still going out with that gern Ralph.
by ralph borko July 14, 2006
someone who is motherless
Person 1: "Dude, my mom just died yesterday."

Person 2: "HAHAHAHA!!!!!, GERN!!!!!!!!"
by TimmyisSuperCool February 19, 2010
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