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Gerf a word used to confuse others, really is rather meaningless . could mean - Grannies Everyone Really Frighten or just used as an expression.
Richard: We are gerfing it up.

Zoe: Wtf does that mean?

Richard: cmon don't you know about gerf
by Dude where your pants gone? February 15, 2005
to fart out blood
dude did u just gerf
by gangbanger6969 April 27, 2009
Cannabis, also known as weed, pot, marijuana, the good stuff, etc... most often smoked or baked into brownies.
"That's some really strong gerf, maaaan"

"You got the gerf?"

"Legalize gerf"
by birdmanandwolfgirl April 14, 2014
The act of calling ones fellow neighbor.
I've known my gerf since I moved in 5 years ago.
by gerfidygerf January 07, 2011
1. To Fuck something up.
2. The act of cuming.
1. You really gerfed that shit up.
2. I'm going gerf all over your face.
by Cardioes November 23, 2010
throwing up excessivley after drinking, smoking pot or just feeling nasty.
me: fuck im wasted
him: your just fucked
him: dont gerf.. your gonna gerf ahh turn your head
me: *throws up everywhere*
by babiieecakess April 30, 2007
Guy's Exposed Rear Flank.

When you see a guy's naked ass. Usually in a movie.
"Man, we can't see any boobs, all we get is gerf!"
by Rev. Link March 14, 2008

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