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a) a new cool way to say girl/girlfriend/women in general

b) in Quebec French a synonym for the French (of France) term meuf

c) used, with a capital G, as a shorthand for the female name Gertrude.
French (of France) Skyrock post:

comment ca va les gerda? (hey, gerda (ladies) how is it going?)

response to post : Ce que tu voulais dire, c'est comment ca vas les meufs. on n'utilise pas le terme gerda en France. (what you wanted to say is, Hey, how is it going les meufs; the term gerda is not used here in France).
by sexydimma February 08, 2013
An infectious and deadly illness originating from the country of Lithuania. Often spelled G.E.R.D.A. See negash.
Caleb: So have you heard about Gerda?

Tri: Deport G.E.R.D.A. now!
by Caleb Knee-Gash March 25, 2008
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