Super-intelligent gerbil/hamster halfbreeds that will one day enslave the human race and eat our babies. They are conveniently hidden within the bodies of sailors. They like buttsecks.
OH SNAP! IT'S A FREAKIN' GERBSTER! HIDE THA BABIEZ!!!11one!!1shift+1!!shift+one11111111111
by Chip Whitley August 13, 2004
Top Definition
An animal that is 50% gerbil and 50% hamster, ie, the child of 1 purebred gerbil and 1 purebred hamster.
Pet Store Customer: That's a nice looking Germster you have there.

Pet Store Employee: No, this is a Gerbster; she's only one-half hamster. A Germster has a Gerbster father and a Hamster mother.
by Gene Splicer May 20, 2006
Nickname for amazing sabres hockey player, Nathan Gerbe also known as the Gerbster or Gerbs.
-Did you see the Gerbster play last night? Amazing.

-The gerbster really helped the sabres beat the flyers in the playoff's! he's a god!
by sabresfan123 April 20, 2011
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