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"Gerardopoly" was a term said by Frank Iero, rhythm guiatrist, of My Chemical Romance. He said that for their former drummer's solo project (Bob Bryar) he would write a song about Gerard Way, the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. Specifically "Oh, Gerard. Gerard, you make my heart burn.."

"gerardopoly" is also a user on the photo-sharing app Instagram. They are well-known for their pictures, personality, humor and love for their followers.
Guy 1: Oh, Gerard you make my heart buuurn!
Guy 2: Haha, Gerardopoly

Instagramer 1: Have you seen gerardopoly post at all today?

Instagramer 2: Sure, I have! gerardopoly is right is my notifications!
by InstgrammarMCR January 20, 2013
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