Gerardo is usually a name of a guy. Almost always a very funny guy who plays the joker just about everywhere he goes. Usually everybody loves him, tho not always because who ever he is making fun of will dislike him. He generally has a very sexy sister but is not too good looking himself. And contrary to popular belief is not actually gay.
Haha! Gerardo is so funny!
Gerardo's sister is hot.
I'm so surprised that Gerardo isn't actually gay.
by JJC & Micky May 13, 2008
Top Definition
Comes from an old Germanic word, "gerd" or spear. Means master of the spear.
Although it may appear physically impossible, Gerardo, a true master of the spear, will spear your face off so don't mess with him.
by Denoalen April 09, 2008
the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. you'll never meet someone nicer than him. he's fun and honest. no one out there like him.
yea! gerardo!
by crazypantsdvg April 19, 2011
an awsome beaner mexican that does all kinds of shit.
Man gerardo does too much stuff!
by asiannigga April 16, 2011
God of sexonia, has the physical features of hercules + ron jeremys penis times a million suns, best womenizer in the known universe and quite possibly ur pants, can make any girl orgas-maplode into sunshine.

the dopest, flyest, OG Pimp hustler gangsta player hardcore motherfucker living JEW HATER today (no fat chicks)
Brian: i wish i was a gerardo.
Kyle: me to :( if your a gerardo, you get all the ladies
Brian: yeah, its like he makes me appear gay..
by arickCartmen September 29, 2011
A gay guy with a hot sister.
Hey you know Gerardo right?

Yeah, the gay one?

Right, but his sister is HOT
by blahblah1089 February 08, 2010
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