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when someone is in a state of curiosity. in reference to the childhood story books of curious george. curious george always wondered about things,so this is acting in the ways of this character. so georging is a type of wondering.
she wasnt just georging, she was desperate.

do you think he likes you?
i dont know, but im so georging.

by jmoney&bkovz May 07, 2006
The act of overstaying one’s welcome at a friend or significant other’s place of residence; usually performed by a person of dwindling popularity among the inhabitants of said establishment.
“Hey, why don’t you stay for dinner?”
“Are you sure, wouldn’t I be georging?”

“Of course not, my family loves you!”
by bleeeep January 16, 2011
Verb - To ruin the night's mood by harping on a single subject for what seems like hours on end.
"Hey dude I can't believe we lost that game today"

"Yea man it was too bad"

"Like really though"

1-2 hours later...

"Man but like we really should have won"

"Bro, you're georging the night now, stop it"
by xilent January 28, 2012
The act of entering the series and serial number of every piece of paper currency one comes across on and then stamping and spending the bills so other people will enter the bills, allowing the person originally entering the bill to see where it went and the person subsequently entering it to see where the bill came from. A hobby of thousands of Americans.
Tom spends an hour each night georging all the cash he acquired during the day so that when he spends it, people will see the stamps on it and re-enter the bills on Where's George.
by drexelnoob09 July 17, 2009
when someone steps on your court unwanted to play
stop georging up the place!
by pwnz0r123 May 31, 2010
To George somebody; to add them to a Facebook group without their permission or prior knowledge.
"What the fuck am I doing in this group?", "Hello George, you've been Georged. Welcome to The George Group.", "You're all a bunch of fucking clowns. See ya losers." or "Oh, this is nice. It's good to be part of a fun and interesting group. Thanks for Georging me."
by Nomio123 September 23, 2015
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