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a jack of all trades who makes your life easier
Ray looks at sheep all day long, but still has time to help me with fractions, which is why All-Day-Ray is a gentleman and a scholar. In fact, he is 60% gentleman and 40% scholar.
by Jonz Dawwwg November 29, 2011
Exclaimed when some one goes out of their way to do something beneficial to you and others with you.
John: Fuck, I don't have enough money to buy weed for tonight.

Jack: Worry not friend, this bags on me!

John: Jack you're a gentleman and a scholar!


Bill: Fuck man, I haven't been laid in WEEKS!

Jack: Fret not, chum. Take my woman!

Bill: You're a gentleman and a scholar!


Larry: Oh fuck, I'm getting a drug test today.

Jack: *zip*

Larry: Jack you really are a gentleman and a scholar!
by ScholarofaGentleman April 24, 2006
the highest compliment you can pay someone. equivalent to 'you have kind eyes and a beautiful soul' but no where near as gay.
person #1: steve, thanks heaps for picking my sister up from the airport. you my friend are a gentleman and a scholar!
person #2: ...and there aren't many of us left.
person #1: *chortle*chortle* well said!
person #2: and i fucked her.
person #1: still stands.
by bunj March 04, 2009
An insult of a compliment used for someone who has done the minimum of what's expected.
Daniel: Hey Rich, thanks for washing those dishes from the cook's line! You are a gentleman and a scholar and I'd love to meet your father someday; I'm sure he can cook a mean meat loaf.

Rich: I never meet my father.
by Stay KA October 21, 2009