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1.A man who treats females like they're special in a traditional chivalrous manner.He does things he wouldn't normally do for other males.Females abuse gentlemen and use him to inflate their egos/show entitlement to male subservience.

2.A word some women use to chastise men who aren't conforming to their patriarchal idea of how men should act.
Bob goes on a date with Kelly.Bob decides to pick up the cheque although he only had a salad while Kelly had an expensive ribeye steak.After the date,Kelly says "thanks for the meal" in a flat unenthusiastic tone.

What do you mean you won't give me the last seat on the bus?Act like a gentleman!
by Bobclark December 31, 2012
Not to many people know the meaning of gentalmen now. But a simple way is a person who cares about others more than there own well being.

Many get confused that you have to have a good upbring or always have to be polite.But it's just the little things (like in the example) to make someone less in pain or feel good.

Note: Anyone CAN be a gentleman
Mike finds one last seat on the bus then many people come on the bus. Mike stands up and lets a old women take his seat.

Old women: What a kind gentleman...
by Kim K.E. October 25, 2006
A polite, well-dressed, well-spoken, educated and scholarly man (Sorry ladies, but being a male is required.). He speaks with passion, and will only resort to violence when it is the final option. He fights with honor, and accepts victory or defeat graciously. A man that some will aspire to, and some will despise. Has a high sense of honor, and will not take an insult to it lightly.
The sharp-dressed man walked down the avenue cheerfully, moving out of people's ways, and helping them if they tripped. He appeared to be a proper gentleman
by Henry Hatsworth July 07, 2011
The kind of guy that all women say they want, and many actually believe they want, but in fact they do not.
Heather: We went out three times and he was always a complete gentleman.
Jennifer: Oh, that's too bad.
Heather: Yeah, no sparks at all.
by FrankieZZ October 16, 2008
A guy who will run to the door just to hold it open for a girl, who will pull out a girls seat even if he's across the room talking to his friends, who will offer to pay a girl back for her dance ticket just so they can get a couple's ticket, who will refuse to borrow money from any of his friends who are girls, even when he's broke and wants ice cream or a drink, and will instead offer to buy that girl something. He will always be polite and never rudely walk away from a conversation. He will laugh at all of a girl's jokes, even the lamest ones. He will never make a girl do anything she doesn't want to or pressure her to do anything. He will often say, "Ladies first," and he will actually mean it. He will always let the person he is with choose what they are doing or where they are going.
Adam is such a gentleman. He always opens the doors for girls and will insist on paying for them.

Zach calls Adam a pimp, but he's really just jealous because Adam is more of a gentleman than him.
by hesaysilookliketaylorswift October 17, 2011
A Man who has strong values and live by them. A Gentleman has a strong sense of Honor therefor Justice. A good education (not only scholarly) is necessary to be a Gentleman.
"I will never phisicaly hurt a women even if she attacks me! Because I am a Gentleman"
by Laurits F. December 28, 2008
A true BAMF among men. one who will take an arrow to the knee but continue adventuring. someone who opens doors and saves maidens from dragons.
Dovakiin is such a gentleman
by Alduin December 30, 2011