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a nerd. seen hanging around irc shouting abuse at random people because he's an ISDN cripple.
"genics stfu your ugly."
by WoO August 27, 2003
the product of being really shite at CS and haveing a massive ego.
omg hes so shite at cs and thinks he should be in SK hes such a genics!!!
by Bob August 27, 2003
A loser teaboy, who is stuck up his boyfriends ass. Usually seen in some "elite" place sucking up to the "elite" people.
"oh ma gawd...that genics is such a brown nose"
by ThA pRo May 18, 2003
nob jockey
riding teh cox
by tbz August 27, 2003
a scottish egg who burps continuously while being total shite at everything.
ffs hes crashed again
by BLiP August 27, 2003
To be a pro gamer
genics is pro
by Farr May 17, 2003

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