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For a person to be a genius and an ass all in one sitting.
He might have solved the energy crisis; however, he didn't have to punch my pooch. What a geniass.
by java monster February 25, 2008
book-smart person with no common sense whatsoever
Look at that geniass...he's got a 5.0 GPA but he still can't boil water!
by BOBnFOB May 10, 2008
Geniass is the total opposite of genius, plain and simple. Someone or something very stupid.
- "How did she find out?" - "I don't know, but I think inadvertently I may have told her" - "Great, you're such a geniass!"
by Cybercass July 20, 2009
a person who tries to look smart but ends up looking like an ass
lauren said that dylan was a geniass when he tried to look smart, but wasnt working.
by dylanbab June 21, 2009